The Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is the area of the River Kingdoms governed by the Party

Known Rulers:

Ruler- Alysir
Councilor- Svetlana
General- Eldric
Grand Diplomat- Anise deRonna
High Priest- Jhod Kavken
Magister- Mukus
Marshall- Akiros Ismort
Royal Enforcer- Towin
Spymaster- Pegon Mainor
Treasurer- Olleg
Warden- Kesten Garess

Known Cities:

Stag’s Fall (Capital)
Ollegshire (formerly Olleg’s Trading Post)
Gnarlytown (real name pending – home of the renovated Ancient Temple of Arcon)

Other points of interest:

Gnarlmarches- forested area on the western edge.
Lake Tuskwater
Lake Candlemere
The Box

The Greenbelt

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