House Rules

Freebie points:

Every character can have up to 10 Freebie points (sometimes called “Chips” or “Rich Points”)
with these points you can get an extra use of a class ability that normally has a limited number of uses per day.
This does not include spells or most “usable once per day” feats, though I will make exceptions for classes that don’t get a pool of “usable per day” points.

In most cases these points count like extra Grit, ki, Arcane, or similar pool points.

These points are earned during games by helping the GM in various ways; reminding the GM of a player limitation he is forgetting, finding a rule that is needed so that the GM can move forward with a combat, providing various gaming materials, etc.

Points can be earned between games by taking part in the Obsidian Portal forums and adding useful info to the wiki.

Critical successes and failures:

The rolls that would normally have automatic successes and failures on natural 20s and 1s, respectively will instead count natural 20s as a score of 30 on the die before adjustments are calculated and a natural 1 as a score of -10 on the die. This means that auto successes are now Very likely successes and Auto failures are now Very Likely failures.

Rolls affected by this rule:

  • Attack rolls.
  • Saving throws.

Ultimate Campaign

For Kingdom building, I am using the Ultimate Campaign Rules rather than the standard Kingmaker rules.. I have also placed limitations on some buildings and upgrades on how and when they will be available for use. I have also added a few buildings and improvements that will become available as the story advances.
I ask player to please refrain from digging into the Unlimate campaign book to read the Kingdom Building rules, as part of this adventure path is written around the characters discovering how these things work rather than knowing them all from the start.

“Down Time activity” is another concept that is quantified in the Ultimate campaign. While we will not be rigorously using those rules every time there are a few days of downtime, I will be using them as a guidline for the types of things that the characters can achieve during extended times of ‘not adventuring.’

House Rules

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