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History and Timeline
This is the brief history of the world as it sits now.

Tazar Pantheon
This is the primary pantheon of Tazar. The other pantheons of the pathfinder system (Golarian) also exist, but are a more recent development (the last couple hundred years). some scholars think the newer pantheon to be different representations of the older gods, or newer servants of them.

Kingdom Building
Leadership Roles
Kingdom Turn Sequence

Regions of the River Kingdoms
The Greenbelt
The Nomen Heights
The Slough
Glenbon Uplands

Specific Kingdom Pages

Individual Character Notes Pages
Alysir’s Notes
Anise’s Notes
Eldric’s Notes
Mukus’ Notes
Pegon’s notes
Towin’s Notes (Because we all know that Greg totally logs in all the time)

Centralized House Rules
A list of rules we use that are not “Standard Pathfinder” rules, or variants from the Adventure path.

Main Page

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