Helpful Kobold Sorcerer


The sun had just set as the small cloaked figure approached Restov’s gates. It had been a 6 day journey and the hardest part of that journey lied just ahead. Getting into the city and being able to get work. Most honest workers probably wouldn’t find this the hardest part, but unfortunately this small cloaked figure was not most honest workers. The figure’s name is Mukus…a copper kobold. Mukus was sent by the copper dragon Thezaxal as a scout to help fight tyranny in the Restov area. Unfortunately most kobolds are seen as vermin and are beheaded rather than trusted in the fight against evil. Hence why interacting with the people of this country would be far harder than any thing the wilds could throw at Mukus.

Making sure the cloak covered the copper scales of its body and its tail wrapped close to its waist, the creature under the cloak made its way up to the guardsman at the gate. The guard was twice the size of the cloaked creature and wielded a two handed axe that could easily decapitate a hippo. “State your business” the guard gruffed at the small mass of cloak.

“I am here looking for work”, Mukus stated.

The guard gave a grunty laugh, “well no entry unless I can see you eye to eye!”

Instead of lifting his hood, Mukus pulled out a few silver pieces offering it to the guard, “How about we skip the eyes and you let me in?”

Another grunty laugh, “Welcome to Restov”, the door opened and Mukus darted in.

The town was surprisingly busy for dusk, but fortunately Mukus was able to navigate the streets to an inn. His stomach gurgled and he was pretty tired from his long journey. The inn common room had a lot of commotion going on. Mukus passed a game of cards and went up to the bar, climbing up a stool to sit. “What will it be kiddo?” asked the barkeep.

“Mead with some bread and cheese please” Mukus answered, trying to be polite. The barkeep nodded and handed the still cloak covered kobold his drink and plate. Mukus didn’t even get the chance to take a bite when the card game turned violent!

A woman in platemail stood up and yelled “Hey you cheating wizard! I saw you sleeve those cards!” Then a rabid rabbit sprung at her from the wizards sleeves and she knocked over Mukus stool.

Mukus hit the floor hard, his hood flying off on impact. Which when he looked up saw the woman and the rabid rabbit both looking at him in shock quickly followed by a greedy grin.
“A Kobold! Smash it!” yelled the platemail woman. Mukus got to his feet quickly and darted for the door. One of the other card players shot out a spell of ice and another started chanting a divine spell. The spells missed Mukus and he was able to jump out the window back into the streets. There was a cart nearby and he made a mad dash to dive in and hide.

The cart then started to move and Mukus hoped he got passed the insane card players.
After some time the cart stopped and a man came to the back. The man had greying shoulder length hair and an eye patch over his left eye. The one eye looked at Mukus and then the man smiled… “Well hitchhiker, friend or foe?”

Mukus was set back by the question, but responded “Friend”

“I see, well my name is Zsek and this cart is at the end of the line” He turns and points to a small hut.

“Thank you for not trying to kill me, my name is Mukus, and I suppose I should get going” Mukus hopped out of the cart trying to figure out where to go next.

“Ha, why dart away, you can stay with me for the night” Zsek responded noticing the nervous kobold.

Mukus thought about it, and the man hadn’t killed him thus far and he also seemed like the nicest person he had met yet, so he decided to accept the offer.

Zsek prepared Mukus a warm stew and some water and Mukus shared his journey thus far. Zsek reciprocated with his own tale of adventure. The two bonded and Zsek offered his help to Mukus by going to the Swordlords for work in the morning.

At sunrise, the two set out to the Swordlords to see what was available. After a couple of rejections they finally got hired to investigate an outpost that was having bandit issues.

The journey started off simple enough, but it took a turn for the worse. One night bandits came and killed Zsek. Mukus was able to fend them off and found a stag necklace on one of the bandits. It must be the Staglord that was mentioned by one of the swordlords.
Eventually Mukus made it to the outpost ready to take down bandits and do Thezaxal’s will of stopping tyranny.


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