Tazar Reboot!

We’ll see how gritty or not it actually gets.

Some of the history is currently being re-written to suit a bit of a restart.
I’ve set up a master timeline for this campaign separate from the old “Core Tazar” group.
some of it I will continue to tinker with some “historical” events will have happened differently than some players remember, some will not have happened at all, some may still be to come, and some may never happen.

We are using the Pathfinder system and the Maps of Golarian (that’s the pathfinder world setting) with modifications to make it Tazar (that’s my campaign world). There are a lot of Pathfinder adventure paths that we may partake now and in the futer, and there are a lot of Tazar original adventures that can happen during or between adventure paths. (as well, I see Moderate to heavy editing of adventure paths to make them more “Tazar-y.”

Check the wiki for various house rules and differences. Alo there will be inand out of game discussion forums. If it looks like there will be use of them, I’ll revive the Google groups as private journals and private player/GM forum use. Also, be on the lookout for secret player information on the pages. Occasionally, i will place secret info for one or more characters in a special section that only you can see on the bottom of the pages.

Our first adventure path will be Kingmaker. We’ll see where things go from there.

Pathfinder (90s Gritty Tazar Reboot- Kingmaker)

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